Rare Coin and Stamp Services

working with estates and collectors since 1971


Impartial Appraisals

A written, professional appraisal of coin and stamp collections is an essential first step for the equitable and fair distribution of items to heirs or divorced couples, estate planning, insurance, or making a charitable donation.

When selling collections, beware of “free appraisals”. Mostly, these are low offers to buy collections. A written appraisal from an impartial third-party can significantly increase the likelihood of receiving the best possible offers for your valuables.

Assistance in Liquidating Collections

The average person attempting to sell a coin or stamp collection, typically, does not have sufficient technical knowledge and experience to realistically expect a good outcome. And the process of shopping a large collection around from dealer to dealer is likely to require considerable effort and time.

I have bought and sold countless numbers of coin and stamp collections during more than 40 years as a professional dealer. Most collections are a mixture of items ranging from common, to scarce, and even rare issues. When the goal is to sell a collection, I separate the items into categories to facilitate the liquidation process and maximize sales. Some of the collection might best be sold to local dealers I know. Typically, scarce and valuable coins and stamps should be placed in a well-run auction house with a good track record of results.

Recognizing where the value is in collections is an important function of my appraisal and liquidation services.

Dr. Richard Woodbury



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