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Granddaughter Samantha’s ballet debut with Dr. Rick

I’d like to introduce myself.  I’m Dr. Richard Woodbury, though friends call me Rick.

I’ve been a professional coin and stamp dealer for 4 decades.  I collected coins as a kid, but my professional numismatic (coins) and philatelic (stamps) activities began in the 1970’s to earn extra money while working toward a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry. I conducted research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, was a Research Associate Professor at the University of Washington, the founding protein chemist at ZymoGenetics, founded Protein Systems, and co-founded BioHesion, Inc in Seattle.

During my scientific career I remained active in collectibles – co-owning several coin and stamp businesses.  I continue to consult for biotechnology, however, my focus now is assisting individuals and estates to achieve their goals by providing impartial appraisals of coin and stamp collections, facilitating a fair and equitable distribution of coins and stamps among heirs or between divorced couples, and assisting in the liquidation of collections.

Few non-collectors and even serious collectors have the experience and knowledge to impartially estimate realistic values of their coins and stamps or sell their collections with the confidence of receiving fair prices.

Individuals and estates benefit from my services regardless of their experience with coin and stamp collecting and markets.

I will travel to you throughout the Northwest to appraise coin and stamp collections.  Consultation and information are strictly confidential.

Dr. Richard Woodbury



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