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Determining the value of large  stamp collections can be extremely difficult. Few individuals have the knowledge and experience to sell stamp collections for the best possible prices, especially when collections are acquired as an inheritance or gift.

An accurate appraisal is required for estate planning and disposition involving stamps, insuring valuable collections, or making tax-deductible charitable contributions.

Rare stamps historically have been a terrific investment. But choosing quality stamps with good investment potential is not easy.

You can benefit from our 42 years of experience in the stamp market to make the right decisions with your valuable stamps. Contact Rare Coin and Stamp Services (RCSS) and put a professional numismatist on your side.

  • Accurate appraisals… RCSS offers low-cost hourly and daily rates. You receive detailed, written appraisals of current, fair-market stamp valuations.
  • Selling stamp collections… When you have an accurate RCSS appraisal in hand, you know what your stamps are really worth before you sell. You obtain fair-market prices for collections and valuable individual stamps. We receive a low commission fee that is negotiable based on the total value of the stamps, but never more than 20%.
  • Buying stamps… Stamp collecting and investing are enjoyable and potentially profitable activities. RCSS buys stamps at wholesale for clients and never receives more than 15% commission on any transactions regardless of the rarity of stamps.
  • Consultation… You always receive professional consultation and guidance with each of the services provided by RCSS at no additional cost to you.

Our goal at RCSS is to provide beneficial services and consultation to individuals and estates regardless of their philatelic experience and knowledge.

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